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4Pcs PVC Dryer Ball

4Pcs PVC Dryer Ball

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🧺🌈 Upgrade your laundry routine with our 4Pcs PVC Dryer Ball set! 🌟👚

Say goodbye to static cling and hello to softer, fluffier clothes! These magic dryer balls are designed to reduce drying time, reduce wrinkles, and make your laundry more efficient. ⏰✨

Made from high-quality PVC, they are gentle on fabrics and reusable. Simply toss them in the dryer with your clothes and let them work their magic. No more chemicals, no more waste! 🌿👕

Experience the difference and enjoy the benefits of faster drying and eco-friendly laundry. Grab your 4Pcs PVC Dryer Ball set today and transform your laundry routine! 🙌🧺


Brand Name: Towayer

Origin: Mainland China

Model Number: 6.5*6.5cm

Use: Cleaning

Material: PVC

Color: White/Blue/Purple

Feature 1: laundry washing balls

Feature 2: dryer balls

Feature 3: Cleaning

Feature 4: Laundry Washing Machine Filter

Feature 5: Home Product

Choice: yes

Product features:
1. Color: White/blue/purple
2. Material: ATBC-PVC
3. Size: 6.5*6.5cm
4. Weight: 30g/piece

Product Description:
1. It can effectively prevent the intertwining of washing clothes and finish the washing of clothes in a balanced way
2.Easy to use, durable, do not hurt clothing, preferred material, soft thick durable
3.Small size, large function, quickly decompose stains, accelerate cleaning, is a good helper to wash clothes

Warm tips:
1.Put it in the washing machine together with the clothes for washing.
2.Place the number of laundry balls reasonably according to the number of clothes (2-3 are recommended for half a bucket of clothes, 5-6 are recommended for a bucket of clothes)
3.The pods are colorfast and recyclable

Package contains:
4 x laundry balls

Put the detergent in the washing machine together with a few laundry balls, laundry bubble paper or washing liquid, etc. It is also used when patting or dehydrating. It is suitable for drum washing machine

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