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Eggshell Opener

Eggshell Opener

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Eggshell Opener

Tired of struggling with pesky eggshells every morning? Say hello to the ultimate kitchen hack - our Eggshell Opener! 🍳🥚

With its simple yet innovative design, our eggshell opener lets you crack eggs effortlessly and cleanly, without any mess or frustration. 🎉🐣 Simply place your egg in the opener, give it a tap, and voila! Perfectly cracked eggs ready for cooking!

No more fishing out shell fragments or ending up with cracked yolks - our eggshell opener ensures smooth and seamless egg cracking every time. 🥚✨

Make breakfast prep a breeze and upgrade your kitchen arsenal with our Eggshell Opener today! Shop now and enjoy hassle-free mornings with perfectly cracked eggs! 🛒🍳


Brand Name: Towayer

Origin: Mainland China

Egg Tools Type: Egg Scissors

Model Number: Egg shell opener

Feature: Eco-Friendly

Type: Egg Tools

Function: Double-headed egg opener

Eggbeater Laying Method: Hand

Material: Metal

Metal Type: Stainless Steel

Features 1: foam milk beater

Features 2: foam milk beater

Features 3: egg cracker

Features 4: Egg slicer

Features 4: kitchen accessories

brand: Towayer

Choice: yes

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