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Universal Car Angel Wings

Universal Car Angel Wings

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🚗😇 Transform your car into a heavenly ride with Universal Car Angel Wings! ✨🌙

Experience a touch of magic every time you step into your vehicle. Our new logo projector brings the wings to life, casting a captivating image on the asphalt. Set the mood and turn heads with this mesmerizing feature, especially in the dark and at night. Prepare for an extraordinary journey! 💫🛣️

Installation is a breeze. Simply replace the original side mirror puddle light with the Universal Car Angel Wings—no drilling or additional resistors required. Enjoy a hassle-free upgrade that adds a touch of elegance to your ride. ✨🚗

Designed to withstand any weather conditions, these wings are waterproof and shockproof, ensuring durability and longevity. Ride with confidence, knowing that they are built to handle high shock and vibrations. Ready to accompany you on every adventure! 💪⚡

Equipped with excellent LED chips, these wings emit a vibrant glow that catches everyone's attention. Stand out from the crowd with a distinct and impactful feature that sets your car apart. Let your personality shine through! ✨💫

Experience a pollution-free and noise-free upgrade. Our Universal Car Angel Wings produce no emissions, create no unwanted noise, and cause no electronic interference. Enjoy peace of mind and a serene driving experience. 🌿🔇

Upgrade your car with a touch of celestial beauty. Get your Universal Car Angel Wings now and add a heavenly charm to your every ride. Drive with style, elegance, and a hint of magic! 😇✨


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Material: Aluminum
Power: 3 (W)
Voltage: 12 (V)
Current: 0.2 (A)
Model: Angel Wings
Adapted models: 12 volt universal

With the new logo projector. The build-in projector in the side sill throws a wing on the asphalt, which brings you and your passengers before the ride in the right mood- an absolute eye-catcher, especially at night and in dark surroundings.

- Easy to install: Directly replace the original side mirror puddle light, no need to drill hole, no additional resistors .
- Waterproof and Shockproof (High Shock / Vibration Resistant) design.
- Excellent LED chip.
- No pollution, no noise, no electronic interference.

Package contains:
2pcs Angel Wings Carpet Light


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