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Vivian So, founder

Super Absorbent Floor Mat

🌟 Transform Your Daily Bath Routine with Our Super Absorbent Bath Mat! 🛁

Tired of stepping out of the shower onto a slippery, soggy floor? Say goodbye to those wet feet and hello to pure luxury! Our Super Absorbent Bath Mat is the ultimate bathroom upgrade you've been waiting for.

Kitchen Absorbent Floor Mat

Say goodbye to slippery accidents and hello to a safer cooking experience. Our Anti-Slip Kitchen Mats are expertly designed with innovative technology that provides a secure grip, keeping you stable while you chop, slice, and cook up a storm. No more worries about accidents in the kitchen - now you can focus on creating delicious meals with confidence. 💪👨‍🍳

    The mat is exactly as in the picture, the material is very nice and waterproof. He arrived even earlier than expected.


  • SALLY W.

    It fulfills its mission, feels good to the touch of the feet and does not remain wet, as for the color and price I liked a lot.



    We love this mat! Perfect for protecting our granite and absorbing any coffee drips!!


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