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Fast Heating Food Electric Warming Tray

Fast Heating Food Electric Warming Tray

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🍲🔥 Say goodbye to cold meals and hello to piping hot deliciousness! 😋✨ 

Introducing our Fast Heating Food Electric Warming Tray, the ultimate solution for keeping your meals warm and enjoyable. 🍽️🌡️

Tired of rushing through your meals or settling for lukewarm food? 😫❄️ Our warming tray ensures that your dishes stay at the perfect temperature, preserving their taste and freshness. 💯🔌

With its fast heating technology and adjustable temperature settings, you can say goodbye to microwaving and enjoy hot meals whenever you want. 🚀🍛 Experience the convenience and satisfaction of warm, restaurant-quality food at home. 🏠🌟

Transform your food experience

✅Maintain the perfect temperature and ensure that every meal is as nice as the first part.

✅Clean unavailable with a single dry, thanks to the innovative nano belt.

✅Comprehensive design ensures affirmation and space detention.

✅Perfect for families with different meals (keeping food toasty for 6+ hours).

Quick warming in 10 seconds! Long families closer, one hot meal at a time. It's designed to improve your food experience and ensure that every plate served is as hot as the smiles around your table.

Large size that fits multiple dishes at the same time and looks great on any bone plate, table or buffet. Whether it's a travel unknown dinner or a quiet weekend party, it upkeeps the perfect temperature, sweets that you can focus on what really matters noe - to spend quality time with your loved ones.

It's also a great gift, a house-keeping gift, a wedding gift and a Christmas gift for family and friends! Every family wants to receive this gift! EGENCULARS

Don't let your right taste.

Keep your meals good for hours. Our Graph shows how effective it keeps the heat and ensures that your dishes stay warm and tasteless. No more warm, taste-less food - just nice, warm meals every time.

Increased overheating protection

Nyt trygghet med innebygd overoppheting av beskyttelse. Let it be for hours so the family can enjoy warm meals at any time while you're safe. It's the anxious way to keep the food warm and the family protected.

Feel the nano belt difference!

The first food in the world with nano belts. Enjoy irresponsible cleaning because the nano belt creates a non-stick, easy to wipe the surface. It also improves attitude, protects from ripes and tires. In addition, the hygiene will improve by preventing the construction of food particles and bacteria.

Family size of board warming

The 608*378 mm surface plate can fit more corrections at the same time and look good on any bench plate, table or buffa. The adjustable temperature control and size makes it suitable for family dinners, Sunday football collections, time times or other big parties and arrangements. It can be used with all warm-safe cookies and bakeway, aluminium or glass spins, potatoes, potatoes, pants and more.


This food warmth is made of the silicon of food quality that has excellent heat and sustainability. The soft surface can better watch bribes, divide the warm warmer and keep the food warmer and healthy. Specification

Materiale: silikon

Rated Power: 240W (A01), 350W (A02)

Nominal excitement: 220V/ 50Hz

Colour: White

The pack includes: 1 * Fast warming of electric storage tight



Storage range is warmed up rapidly after power, do not use it directly in glass, pianolalation, three, plastic, marmor, stone platelets and other surfaces that can't tolerate high temperatures to avoid damage.

Don't touch the warm panel to avoid crimes. Stay away from children.

Allow small target error due to manual measurement.

Due to the different monitors and light effects, the actual color of the varer may be a little different from the color shown on the images.

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