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Pet Training Toy Mini Flying Disc

Pet Training Toy Mini Flying Disc

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How to use the toy: Install the roulette, turn 3-4 turns to launch and play(There is a clicking sound when the wheel is turned). The more turns the roulette wheel makes, the faster it will be launched.



1. Launch diagonally upwards, the higher the slope, the farther you fly!

2. Reflection in the horizontal direction, the flying disc shoots out horizontally!

3. Launch diagonally downward, faster, and land faster!

4.The flying disc buzzes when you twist it enough times to cause it to spin rapidly through the air!


Note: 1. Do not get too close to pets when launching! You can launch diagonally into the air or towards the ground.

          2. When using the toy, you must first put the flying disc on the launcher and align it correctly, and then twist it 3-4 times before it can be launched normally. If the flying disc is not aligned with the position of the launcher,the flying disc will not be able to rotate and the toy will not work.




































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